1. What are the conditions for the Quarterly Winners?

Coming soon

2. What are the conditions for the Grand Prize Winners?

Coming soon

3. Do I need to be Bangladesh citizen or resident in Bangladesh to participate?

Yes, you have to be a Bangladesh citizen either resident or non-resident.

4. I did not receive my confirmation email with my username and password?

If you have entered correct email address, double check with spam/ junk mail box for the confirmation email. If you have any problem, please contact your RM or Branch Executive

5. How to reset my password?

Please make an option to reset password via email or some sort of automated system.

6. Do I need to enter my Mobile number during the registration process?

Yes, this is a mandatory requirement for the contest. You will not be eligible to win if we do not have entered the correct mobile number.

7. I have problems with my account, I can’t place orders or my portfolio is not showing correct value, etc?

Please contact with your RM or Branch Executive.